Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Kobe and Ron. They totally want to make out.

Shit. It's on now. Shit could get crazy. CRAZY I SAY. Ok. On with it.

First up, we have Ghostface reading us a ghost story. BECAUSE IT'S HALLOWEEN! THE GAYEST OF THE FAKE HOLIDAYS.

In America, Batman prevents crime. In France, Manbat commits crimes.

There will be a class taught at Harvard next year on season 4 of the Wire. In honor of that, we give you Omar Little.

More Halloween awesomeness. More from Warming Glow.

The Wizards have way too much flavor. They are awesome.

And in the HolySHIT of all HolySHITs this week, Ron Artest raps about Afghan Women. Ron Artest is just the best. The world is better for him.


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