Sunday, November 1, 2009

NFL Thoughts of the week

This week let's talk about some undefeated teams.


First off, what the hell? Not only do we have 3 teams that are undefeated , but they are also as different as can be.

Colts - No surprise here. Colts are always playoff contenders with Pey Pey barking out signals. They've played some good teams, but none of them are worth to write home about. They look good, but vulnerable at the same time. Basically, we expected a team like the Colts or Pats to come out strong and be about as interesting as, well, Peyton Manning.

Saints- Again, not a huge surprise, but boy are they fun to watch. If the Colts are the boring ass Budweiser of teams, the Saints are some type of crazy ass exotic concoction that contains ingredients from China which may or may not be legal. The only other team that has reminded me of the Saints is the Greatest Show on Turf from yesteryear. The Saints have played some good teams and rocked their world.

Broncos- "This is the week they lose" Yeah, I've been saying that since week one and have been wrong every time. I don't know how they went from a team on the brink of an epic collapse to first round bye in the playoffs, and I don't think anyone really does. I would say that this week they will lose to the Ravens, but I'll probably be wrong.

The intersting thing is that there are equally shitty teams. The Redskins, Rams, Lions, Bucs, Titans, Browns, and Chiefs come to mind. In fact if you look at this year, the parity in the NFL has gone through the shredder. I think I heard something like the Rams, Browns and Lions have failed to cover the spread in one game this entire year.

So what does this all mean?

Well I wonder if this is a taste of what the NFL will become in future years. it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that there wont be a salary cap next year, in theory widening the gaps between the haves and have nots. I dont know if it's a good or bad thing, but it's something to think about for the rest of this year.

In GRH fantasy news we have four teams at 6-1 including the marquis match up of G Rapes of Wrath (me) and Harem of Men whose avatar gives me a false sense of confidence.

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