Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Evening S--t Storm!!!

I'm sorry Hobbers. I was getting schwacked with work yesterday and today just now realizing that I hadn't put up the shit storm AND I didn't even tap the right arm to bring in Icehouse or Stovall. This makes me a dickhead which is actually perfect for this storm.

We're going to debate the biggest Dickhead/Douchebag in sports. Yes those are different categories. (not really relevant)

My first selection for dickhead is Roger Clemens

The steroid thing never really bothered me, it was just satisfying because another notch in ole Lattimer's "called it" belt. But I think it goes without saying that Clemens is an asshole. What trying to weasel his way back into the Hall/greatest pitcher of all time conversations. There was also the time he attempted to kill and impale rival douchebag Mike Piazza. He also bleached his hair and the whole McCready thing.

Next for the douchebag A-Rod. Two baseball players, see a trend? Now originally I felt sorry for A-Rod, he was a great player with no friends just trying to make it in this world. THEN we get this.

Really A-Rod? A Centaur? Now if any normal individual did this it would probably be hilarious, but a top 5 baseball player? Not so much. Anyway, with A-Rod you also have the mirror pic, teammates not liking him, Madonna, and cheating on his wife with a manly lass. So I don't know maybe he's just weird.

Anyway have at it Hobbers. We'll role with this into Tuesday.


  1. Well, I'll go ahead and say Favre.

  2. for the A-Rod pic

    "It's symbolic of me grabbing the bull by the horns...that really happened though"

  3. T.O.

    It used to be somewhat enjoyable, even if you hated his guts, but his schtick is played. So played.

  4. Brian you suck at quoting:
    watch this cause its relevant:

    "Yeah, that's me, taking the bull by the horns. It's how I handle business. It's a metaphor... But that actually happened, though."

    biggest douche, philip rivers