Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning Sh--t Storm

Good gosh, I woke up and realized there was a strange amount of pumpkin filling cans...Cool whip....stuffing?


yeah we've all been working way to hard and it's about damn time we got a break.

I talked about my typical day last year. No need to rehash it again here.

So for the shit storm favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving food. Let's hear all of your wacky family recipe's. Me? Fried oysters.

In other clusterfunk news some marketing genius decided that the BCS needed to be amongst the people on twitter. problem is nobody likes the BCS. I could just see it now some hot young stud/lass with a kick ass marketing degree thinks they are a genius for synergizing their appeal by using new media strategies thereby creating a Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.This shows me two things. 1. Some people have no idea what actually goes on in the real world. 2. The BCS twitter operator actually thinks the BCS is great.


  1. I had baked oysters with champagne one night. It was pretty wonderful.

  2. Spinach enchiladas are a mainstay at our thanksgivings. 1) we're in texas and therefore must incorporate some sort of tex mex. 2) we have vegetarians in the fam.