Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday afternoon Fun Bag!!!

Sorry we missed last week, but you know some of us have shit to do....


Ok first off I realize this is a week old, but Elizabeth Lambert is now a favorite of GRH.

This is awesome. I'd like you to notice how many cool things happen in the span of this video. Cue Icehouse: "OMG FUNK!!!"

I'm putting this in because I think the funbag has been a little too fun as of late. I heard someone say that this is how sports movies should be done in the future. I'd like to kick this person in the nuts. I just love it when Hollywood destroys books. IF you go and see this, just know that it's missing several aspects of the book, one of which is the failure of American institutions (ala The Wire). For those of you who still want to see it and call me cynical by all means go and watch the bastardization of a legitimate American dream narrative.

"Michael you gotta protect his blind side"
We might have another run down on this later.

Soooo this is pretty cool

In 1970 Doc Ellis did LSD, he also pitched a no no.

We've had several discussions concerning sports we'd like to see more of on TV. It seems we may have overlooked one.

EMBED-The 1987 Dance Aerobics Championship - Watch more free videos

GRH is a fan of solid mashups and because we were funbagless last week I'll leave you with two.

Alright hobbers have fun, be safe, and the beer before liquor rule is only for pussies.

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