Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holy chit that was awesome

Usually we reserve this spot for NFL talk but did you happen to see what went down yesterday? Oh that happened.

This is why CFB is so great. I heard so many say "boo hoo, there aren't any major games. We have to watch an undefeated team from a different conference in the night game." As most of you know I never take this stance because it's football on TV and as a result I must find ways to make games compelling because I need excuses for not doing anything on Saturday. As a result, the gods shined down upon us and graced us with sweet sweet victories and defeats.

I know I argued for the big 10 (11) earlier this year, but I think they took it way too far. It's not like I'm best friends with them, just sticking up for the kid that was getting bullied in the hallway. Which is why I was freaked out that Iowa somehow kept on winning games by the seat of their pants. It reminded me of the 02 tOSU squad. Iowa going undefeated and getting into the MNC if one of three teams screw up? That's a world I do not want to live in. Northwestern, everyone's favorite Big 10 (11) team came through once again by screwing a top ranked conference foe. A nation is in your debt once again Wildcats.

Michigan lost, which is always fun.

Now, the only BAD thing that comes about from this is tOSU controls their own destiny to win the conference and play in what could go down as the worst Rose Bowl ever.

Ok so after the early Big 10 (11) lineups come the 3:30 games. On the surface there were some good games to watch but I think we can all agree that we were treated to some tasty treats.

Let's talk Alabama-LSU first. Good game, between traditional SEC powers with MNC implications. Of course Alabama came out of it victorious and clenched the SEC west crown. That's about it right? WRONG. No on top of this great match up we were treated to FANSANITY. And not just any fansanity, SEC fansanity which is the best of all.

Now if you watched the game, I'm sure you realized this was a terrible call. But bad calls happen all the time and LSU still had to drive down the field for a TD. I figured LSU fans would be pissed about the call, and boy was a right. A quick survey of message boards reveal several things. First, LSU and other SEC fans seem to think there is a massive conspiracy to keep Alabama and Tim Tebow undefeated. 2. Alabama fans are to be reckoned with, they seem to have coordinated a pre-emptive message board strike arguing that the call had no bearing on the outcome of the game. 3. SEC fans like to argue over who is more racist.

Now the other thing occurring during this battle over moral supremacy is that zany Pac-10 and their regional fox sports channels. If you paid any attention to the bottom scrolling thing, you probably noticed that Stanford was leading Oregon for the majority of the day. And now I would like to take this opportunity to say Stanford I love you. You adorable little nerds, every year you do something that makes me smile. Whether it's your loony tree or beating over rated/hyped/stupid Pac-10 opponents. Keep this up and you'll take over Wazzu and Pete Carrol as west coast entities I don't root against. On another note, why the hell does Oregon...OREGON get fellated by the media every year. The Phil Knight theory is the only plausible explanation that comes to mind. But seriously, beginning of the year the fighting highlighters were shamed on the blue turf and in a matter of months they are MNC contenders? Some assholes even had the audacity to rank them ahead of Boise. Ever since I was a small child I could not stand the University of Oregon. I don't know why, it may have something to do with Dan Fouts, but every year the fighting highlighters get more and more annoying what with their Zoo, their uniforms, their belief that they are somehow a top 10 team. Good riddance.

In other news, the ACC played football this weekend.

But on the real, Clemson will get their BCS hopes up only to watch them die in miserable flames by the all powerful hands of the football gods. Paul Johnson on the other hand has his team lined up for a BCS matchup in his second year at GT. Good for him, and good for the flexbone.

Before we get to our final sweet victory/defeat I want to talk about the outsiders. I'm of course talking about Boise, Cincy, and TCU. The whole situation sucks. In fact Boise is so worried that they'll be left out of the party that they are hiring a PR firm. And you know, they shouldn't have to do that It would be fun to see them play them play the big boys, but on that same note it's also not fair to some other teams who played in difficult conferences to take a step back in favor of teams with a record. So like I said, the situation sucks, and it seems that all three will get into a BCS bowl, just not the big one in Pasadena. Which I think seems fair.

Now for the schadenfreude you've all been waiting for. Notre Dame.

People ask me about Notre Dame, and to be honest I like Notre Dame, I want them to do well. Sure it's only to see them fail in the end, but CFB is a lot more fun when ND is in the picture. Currently ND just isn't that good, they never really were. A good point is yesterday when a Navy team simply beat them in all aspects of the game, especially in the coaching department, so lets give credit where credit is due.

Now ND has a rough go of it with the academic standards and the schedule they typically play so on some level I kinda feel sorry for them. However, I still think it's fair to make fun of them. What with Charlie's decided schematic advantage, Jimmy Clausen signing his letter of intent at the CFB hall of fame, rolling up in a stretch limo. Canning Tryone without even letting him see his seniors go 4 years, telling Bob Davies he couldn't run the flexbone, backing into BCS bowls, etc etc etc. So yes, it is perfectly fine to make fun of ND every time they fail to meet expectations.

Fantasy news, Stovall is doing well in both leagues but he did not draft in one of them. I think that speaks to the level of competition we're all up against.

Additional football thoughts in the comments.

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