Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

There were some questionable calls in Saturday's Arkansas Florida game, with this one being the most blatant, "uhhhhh I'm a huge ref dumbass call."

But this isn't about the game because Arkansas had more than enough chances to win.

No this storm is darker.

We all know there have been point shaving scandals, but I'm just curious, how many games are blatantly fixed?

When I say fixed I mean, one team is going to win, and the other will lose. I also wonder how many times there is point shaving and we don't even realize it.

Like I said, the shaving happens, but a loaded game? It has to have happened at some point in the current sports era.

Ok thoughts on gambling, begin.


  1. There was a guy at a bar this weekend, all decked out in Texas regalia. It turns out that he even graduated from UT. However, he was cheering for Oklahoma, because he put money on them.

    So in this instance, gambling ruined sports, and almost cost a man his life.

  2. That's just wrong.

    I think there have to have been some basketball games rigged for one team to win. Just because mostly every call in that sport is a judgment type deal and the only replay (?) is on clock calls and brawls.

  3. I actually think this happens more in high school games simply because it's not televised and community politics will dominate.

    (Looking at you St. Vincents)

  4. Point shaving in basketball is probably easier and more prevalent than actually fixing a game. Of course, it's a slippery slope.

    I'm not much of a gambler, so it's all pretty despicable to me. Not only does it ruin sports, it also ruins a couple thousand families a year.

  5. i have friends who gamble and they make a lot of money from it. They have their team loyalties and never bet against their own teams. I guess if you have standards and controls it's alright but it's too risky for my blood.

    But as for officials who make calls with intent to change the out come of a sporting event, these people should be shuit and hung in the center of town so we can throw tomatoes at them.

    Betting is one thing, being a dick is another

  6. agreed with brian. If you bet against your team (unless its Charleston Southern against Florida), then you really aren't a fan. I've never bet against Ole Miss, if I think they're gonna lose, I just don't bet.