Sunday, October 25, 2009

NFL Thoughts of the week

Icehouse has a nice idea with his NBA posts. Good idea, strong idea. I think I'll take it.

So here's the thing. Sitemeter overlords tell me nobody visits on Sunday and we are low on NFL content. there is an infinite amount of NFL information on the internets so what we're going to do is highlight a player/team every week AND we can have this serve as our open thread IF anyone actually stops by and reads this.

/see's two birds
//throws single stone

So our first Hobbersonian highlight is none other than Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams.

Steven is the best player on the worst team in the NFL. And what sucks is that if he were playing for any type of competent organization he would be widely considered the best all around back in the NFL. That's right I said it. Look, SJ is much like Marshall Faulk he can run inside, outside, catch, block, tolerate Mike Martz. Sure they have different styles, but their skill sets remain the same.

Anyway, I feel for him. There were rumors of him getting traded. (and the Rams have a long illustrious history of trading away players so they can become stars on other teams) What's worse is that the OC Pat Shurmur has gotten a case of the dumbasses. Last week against the Jags the Rams were in the game, hell they were even winning. How many carries did SJ get in the second half? Something like 3-5, which is bullshit. Hey Shurmur, SJ is like a badass racecar set and when your friends come over all you want to do is dick around with your pogs. This makes you an idiot and borderline asshole. On the real though, everyone gets worried about SJ but he's one of those guys that can take the rock 30 times a game, hell he needs 30+ touches.

Finally, if you want to know more about him, SJ has his own little website. It's ok, he basically talks about how he likes architecture, fashion, and trucking fools.

Alright NFL related issues in the comment section.

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  1. Speaking of trade bait, Jerry Jones almost traded Martellus Bennett to the Bengals. That would have been really, really sad.