Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Woo! Hangin with the OKC Thunder! We fittin to partay!

Yes. UT-OU weekend up in this bitch. It's time to get down.

OU fans never cease to amaze. Seriously.

I like "The Funeral" by Band of Horses. I really, really, really like cool bike stunts. Basically, this video is the best thing I saw on the internet all week.

John Travolta can sell anything in Japan.

So can Brad Pitt.

This is kind of long, but wingsuit flying must be orgasmic.
"Do you think anyone in the world had as much fun today as we did?"

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And Adidas has set the bar for shoe commercials this season. Your move, Nike and Jordan Brand (they're going to win, but you know).

Well, I'm pumped. If you're not, get out of the way. I'm ready to get down to business. If I get a felony assault tomorrow, it's someone else's fault.

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  1. Just noticed that Kevin Durant played in Austin and OKC. Seriously. Probably a bad thing.