Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Sh*t Storm

Lattimer is away working on stuff. I just got to work after being in Memphis all weekend. We're a little worn out, so bear with us.

Today's shit storm is simple. Take a sport that is not inside the collective conscience of mainstream America that you would like to see in that realm. Mine is simple. Surfing.

Shit yeah.


  1. Skiing is also the shiznit. All kinds. Downhill, ski jumping, park, pipe, and backcountry.

  2. Yachting. I'm tired of seeing the children of poor people on TV all the time; it's time for "US" to finally have a turn, don't you think?

  3. I'd actually like to see championship intermurals. Basically you have one team that has to compete in a variety of tournaments. basically it's shit like dodge ball, softball, floor hockey basketball etc. Gym games basically. They have rules on how much each member has to play. It's kinda catching on in some places but it would be cool to see.