Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Shit Storm

Did you see the pac-man thing?

I did, and I couldn't help but wonder, were athletes like this all the time? Does the increased money/exposure/entitlement from a young age create these incidents? Or do we hear about it more because of the modern media machine.

I conversed with our very own Icehouse about this same matter and initially I thought the modern day athlete was a bigger, faster, stronger form of dumbass.

But I was wrong. Lets go on a little trip through time.

If you haven't read this book basically...Mickey Mantle popped greenies and chased skirts. Naturally, Bouton got blackballed.

... I can't wait to read this, but basically. Michael Irvin tries to kill somebody with scissors, Nate Newton whipped out his junk...a lot. He also masturbated in a team meeting. Jerry Jones=Mile High Club. Switzer got his drink on.

I wanna be like Mike.

Pro's have been human for a long time.

Look we all do stupid things. Some of us more than others. Right now I want to say we just hear about it more often because of our TMZ society. On the flip side, most of us would not order a hit on someone because they looked at us the wrong way.

So what is it? Modern athletes get into more trouble? We see it more because of the media? Some other argument?

In my mind. "All in the game yo, all in the game."


  1. So what am I supposed to be shitting about?

    I think athletes are too cool, and are exposed by the nerds turned journalists they once pounded into lockers. Serves them right.

    Zack Stovall

  2. ...well are they being exposed more today? Or are they fucking up at a greater rate?

  3. Both.

    Mass media exposes the more brain-dead neanderthals we raise to believe that it's cool to be dumb — we'll even pay you top dollar/ top hoes for it — so long as you can pick up that pick-up over there.

    So, both.

  4. I think that there isn't anything new on the athlete's end. They've always been rich and with a ton of time on their hands. The difference is the influx of media, and the lack of respect the media gives to famous people as a whole these days. Camera phones, paparazzi, the whole shebangabang.