Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Earl Clark Cares Not For Luke Harangody's Flattop

Not since Brian Cardinal have we seen somebody look this 'tarded while playing college hoops in Indiana. Well, I've seen plenty of people look 'tarded in Indiana playing college hoops since Cardinal. Let me start over.

Luke Harangody is a goon-ass goon that needs to get dunked on day in and day out until he stops showing up and uglying up my television while I'm trying to watch basketball. Seriously, he has a white-boy flattop. Don't bother fixing your style, Luke. Just quit.

Earl Clark agrees with me. I honestly don't care who's on the receiving end of this, it was just an awesome dunk all over somebody's face. It was also beautiful in its simplicity: catch it on the wing, pump fake, go left, flush. Seriously, the look on Harangody's face says it all. Anyways, the clip starts out with it, then we have to see some bullshit, but then it ends with two replays from different angles.



  1. Luke is a disgreece to the Oyrish naytion with his Johnny-Ewnitus display of follicle bullocks.

    He oughta know, the Oyrish have only two acceptable trends of 'air treatment: The butt-cut or the Bald Man's 'orseshoe, loike me. It should be complimented by a full facial follicle adornment, like the Handlebar Mustache or the Burnside or the Beard.

    I know it's in bold an itallaks: I'M SCREAMIN' AT THE TOP O' ME BAGPIPES!

  2. You shouldn't haven any problem with white guy's flattops. Chris Mullin aka the greatest jump shooter ever to play the Lord's game, graced a beautiful flattop the likes of which have never been seen. God gave him that ability as well as his magnificent pale skin.

  3. I'd like to point out that I predicted all of this in my preview of the Big East. Carry on.