Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Shit Storm

This has nothing to do with the Storm, I just thought it was funny.

Soooooo, After Sunday we won't see any football for a while.

Sure we have some NCAA/Pro basketball, The Premiership, and baseball is on the horizon, but they still don't provide me an entire weekend of laziness.

I'll watch that stuff but I won't devote my entire day to it. Furthermore, I really can't justify going to a sports bar Sunday evening and some beer/wings to watch Kobe and Bron. It's the Economy stupid.

For the shit storm provide the best weekend activity. This could be sports related or not. I'll also allow both lazy and "active" activities.

My first selection is on the short term:

(NSFW language)

Watching entire seasons of TV shows.

Waiting what happens next week is for suckers. I don't know why I didn't discover this earlier, just Netflix that shit and waste upwards of 12 hours in a two day span!!!

Sure I could go fishing, skiing, mountain biking, and solve the world's energy crisis, but it is balls ass cold here.

Going out and doing stuff? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.


  1. Concerts? Seeing a show is always a quality weekend activity.

  2. I tell you what I don't do on weekends, and that's blogging.

  3. Call of Duty. I can literally waste days playing that game.

  4. "Hitch up your pants, air widdle, and make friends with a Chinese man."

    100 points to anybody who can identify who said the above.

  5. You know what I also don't do? Shave/Shower on weekends.

    I am au natural on the weekends, muhfuckas.

  6. I would also add: Staring at the internet.

  7. Here's a shit start off the weekend found out that the world has lost another unfortunate sould trapped in darkness. - my respects go out to the family

    X Games shitstorm: The worlds first double back flip on a snowmobile was thrown in competition and it didn't end well, although the rider was not hurt he did not land the trick but celebrated like he did...wak-o-sauraus. somebody needs to teach that boy some TJ

    Shawn White becomes the first person in X Games History to win gold medals in both slope style and half pipe in one x games sitting...i watched the run and it wasn't first place worthy, although it was baller, to be fair.

    Then when he gets the traditional victory interview i nearly put my foot through the tv to shut him up...he's arrogant

    Then i show up to work on Monday to get yelled at for a project that wasn't even my responsibility, w/e, took it on the chin like a good whore and got back to work.

    What do i do on the weekends kick ass and drink booze, and i'm fresh outta beer

  8. Game recognize game. Brian's looking like kin these days.