Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

X Games live chat worked out so well, I had to abide by a request to have Tanner Hall drunk for the Fun Bag. So here we go again. And thanks to everybody that showed up, it was fun.

So to continue on the wacky Fun Bag experiment, here we have more comedic gold.

To keep in with the politics theme that we started off the week with in the Shit Storm, here we have the head honcho of athlete politicians.


One time I went to a professional wrestling match in Mexico City. The "Lucha Libre" itself. Anyways, Mexican wrestling is way sweeter than any other wresting.

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most enigmatic players of all time. Whether he's winning games, getting fat, rapping or asking people how his ass tastes, he's always entertaining.

In case you missed it, Steve Nash was on Conan the other night. Not as funny as the video he did with Baron Davis, but pretty good nonetheless. I'm still waiting for Ron Artest's appearance on late night TV.

And finally, Rasheed Wallace.

Fantastic. I'm ready to rock. Coming your way, assholes!


  1. Love Shaq University. Can you dig it?

  2. still cant believe a fucking frenchie won our superpipe

  3. I'm serious when I say that Rasheed Wallace is my hero.