Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday Morning Shit Storm

Sorry last week we had an elitist edition of the shit storm.

But not this week, today we're relying on a trait we all share. Pure unadulterated hate for rival fans.

So for the shit storm, choose the douchiest fan base in all of sportsdome.

We're talking teams, cities, states, countries, hell we'll even allow the "Thunder" from your local little league to be included.

My pick: Boston.

I don't have to explain myself, and I won't even acknowledge them with a catchy photo or video. Those guys thrive off of that shit.

Shit storm begin.


  1. Oklahoma.

    And to anybody that's wondering, Lattimer didn't mean to reference the newly monikered Oklahoma City Thunder NBA franchise, so this is the first OK hate.

    That being said, I don't think I need to explain further. Say it with me now. Oklahoma.

  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but Joe Homer fans, to me, are the worst people on the planet. I think it's due to being from Arkansas, where the expectations are national championships (despite never having won an SEC championship), but the reality is a double-A JV squad.

    Everybody who's ever been on the losing end of a game where the better team won should know what I'm talking about.

    Hook em.

  3. I never got the Oklahoma thing, but then again I've never met an Oklahoma fan so I'll hold out on my final verdict.

  4. Oh, and another thing. I think fans that have no connection to their respective team are up there on the douche scale.
    Chicago Cubs fans from Chicago. Surprisingly cool people.

    Cubs fans from oooo lets say Kentucky d-bags.

  5. Damn. Freeman is laying it down.

  6. I can't stand to watch a Dallas Mavericks game with Elliott Taliaferro. He's the WORST.

  7. Mavs fans are pretty bad.

    University of Tennessee, too.

  8. Or pelts Santa with snowballs.

    I mean, Santa?

  9. The eagle fans are just misunderstood, and I was at that game

  10. Philly phans aren't misunderstood. They're pricks. Remember when they booed Destiny's Child during the NBA Finals? That was crazy funny.