Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Final Day EPL Signings

How the shit does Chelsea lose a bidding war to fucking Manchester CITY? I swear to god I thought the entire article was a typo. I guess if rich arabs buy your team, anything is possible. You see a group that I believe is called the "Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababua United Group" now owns man city and if what I have read is correct, even our old favorite Roman Abramovich might be out of his league with these guys. This could well be the beginning of a different era of English football.

I mean, your average person on the street didn't even know there is more than one team in that northern, industrial pile of soot they call a city. And we very possibly could be talking about the 'Big Five' soon.

In other news from that festering crap hole of a place, Manchester United signed Dimitar Berbatov about 40 minutes before the deadline. This is not entirely unexpected, but still dangerous, nonetheless. With Rooney missing a few weeks, Berbatov will be huge during these crucial opening weeks.

Overall, with over One Billion dollars spent in EPL transfers this season, i would say we are in for an exciting season.


  1. These articles leave me rigid in anticipation for futbol.

  2. 1. The guy in the picture is Robinho, who the entire first article is written about. I just noticed that his name is absent.

    2. Chelsea is only JJM's favorite club.

    3. No Xisco to Newcastle mention?