Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More on Brady...Sorry

So I was off work today and I ended up watching a good portion of ESPN and NFL network broadcasts. Not to mention reading some articles treating the Brady injury as the end of the world.

Admittedly, most of these commentators have never actually played the game, but the fact remains that most of American sports viewers actually take what they say seriously. Regardless, I feel as though I need to address several points about football and sports in general.

Dirty Shot- Why are we even talking about this? I agree 100% with Icehouse on this matter. Bernard Pollard was not trying to "Take out Brady." On the contrary Pollard was being a football player, he played until the whistle, something he probably learned at the age of 12. Look the game of football is violent and sometimes injuries occur. I've been rolled up 5 times in my life, sometimes its intentional, sometimes its pure accident. At its core, the game of football is essentially 1 guy and ten of his friends beating the shit out of another guy and his 10 friends. never forget this.

QB cum rags- I have a natural hate for QB's, never liked them, never will. I wonder when the NFL will make a rule where the QB is immune to any form of contact. It's to the point (in all levels) that if a defensive player even blinks at a QB they get a flag. QB's knew what they signed up for, treat them like players.

Players VS. Teams. This has been something that has chapped my ass for a while. When in the hell is a player more important than a team, or according to Peter King, a league. Respectfully, what the fuck. I used to think the best thing about football was the fact that it wasn't MJ and the bulls, it was simply the Patriots, Giants, Steelers, or Raiders. I always liked the fact that the NFL (football in general) was not the NBA with its emphasis on players and solo plays. Football used to be about teams and the collective effort to reach a common goal, I don't think it will be the same way 5 years from now.

Media- Humbly, eat shit.

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