Sunday, September 7, 2008

NFL live chat (11 am est.)

What's up TGORH readers, It's that time of year. Can't you just smell the testosterone and rage?

Smells great. Finally, an excuse to drink at 11am on a Sunday

A pleasantly surprising day of College ball yesterday. Elevator Elevator Miami got the shaft last night. I mean they weren't going to win anyway, but damn.

To the point: Since it seems we may have increased our readership from 5 (including the 5 contributor's) to an astonishing 10 maybe 15 were gonna do another live chat.


So stop by and share your joy, sorrow, smartassery, fantasy rages, and overall goodwill. (I'll be on for the Rams@Eagles game to see Linehan call some "creative" screen plays on first and 10)

I for one will be chronicling the inevitable championship run of my fantasy team, The Erin Andrews Experience.

If you stop by and nothing is going patient, type some shit in, and we'll be around.

*The way this works is we have to "allow" your response to be published. (their rules not mine) So we may have to censor in case we get more anonymous remarks making fun of Zach...probably not though.

Productivity level decrease...Commencing in 3...2...1...

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  1. 12 hours of blogging. Only break was to workout. I love football