Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL live Chat

Crazy Weekend.
I attended a wedding yesterday, and if you know anything about my family...well I'm here and I'm safe.

Don't know how VT won that game, don't care either. Take that UVA south.

I told you Auburn would lose. WV's losses have sent the state into hysteria. Just read rivals, or Scouts message boards for some afternoon fun.

I know I promised a mind blowing Sunday hangover kitchen. My source is still working out the kinks so I'm going to hold off on it because I believe in delivering the highest quality work to TGORH faithful. I mean do you read my posts? Quality.

For this morning all you need is to drop a raw egg into a glass of beer. (chug) Take a shot of pickle juice, and follow it all up with a kettlebell workout.

Questions to consider:
Defining moment in the Wire.
When, specifically, will Lane Kiffen become Syracuse's head coach?
Does Boys will be Boys make you love/hate the Cowboys more or less?

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