Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Worst Fears Have Been Confirmed

Something is creeping across the country.
Something we have all dreaded since 1992
For 16 years we have all been dreading this moment and hoping this devastating force would wait another 16 years to return...

Not only is Alabama relevant, but they're also very good.

SEC, I know we've had our differences, I've said some hateful things and I'm sorry. No, I really am sorry, it was just for play play. But here's the thing, we need to put our differences aside, join together, and crush this evil force that threatens our great nation. The fate of humanity rests in your hands.


  1. Don't worry; the SEC will come through and someone will beat them, probably a team like LSU or (dare I say?) Auburn. If it's Auburn, no way Bama plays for a national championship.

  2. I'm not too sure. It seems as though Saban has the same formula he used at LSU. That is, a strong running game combined with a run-stopping defense. It's scary.

  3. It's very possible. His formula does work, but the SEC is just too hostile. The problem becomes figuring out who beats them. If it's LSU, it's possible they could have enough time to climb back into decent rankings. If they lose to Auburn, they won't have a shot. But Bama looks good, which unfortunately for everyone else, is good for college football, just like when Notre Dame, Penn State, Florida State and Miami and etc. etc. are good for college ball too. I'll let you kids recoil in disgust as you digest that thought.

  4. Fuck this "Good for college football" nonsense. Is it in trouble? Are people not watching?

    College football parity is good for college football. The old powers being back in charge is good for college football. Shit, the NFL is good for college football.

    So that argument is thrown out.

  5. The second clause of the second paragraph is my entire argument.