Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Fuck. Fuck! Can't believe how long this week has been. Five whole fucking days? Bullshit. Anyways, if you were wondering, yes, that is Stu Scott, Mr. Belding, and Barkley. Drunk and partying.

Ok, picture this. It's a tight game, playoffs. Title contenders. Coming down to the wire. What do you do if you're Rasheed Wallace? That's right, sing along with GNR!

Anyways, for the diehard Simpson's fan in all of us, here's a little example of technology getting to intelligent. Kill the machines!

We haven't had a music video in the fun bag for a while. This got me to thinking, 'what music video should I put up that would entertain everybody?' That's when it hit me: Everybody loves Die Hard. Especially like this.

A note to all high school and college cheerleaders: You are officially not the best at what you do. You have, in fact, been one-upped. Cheer up, there's always stripping. Wait, no there's not!

Now this is going to get a little nerdy. But there was this guy, who died. Apparently, this guy that died was so into Warcraft that they had a funeral for his Warcraft character. Enter the funny part. During the funeral, when people are all lined up to pay their respects, a group of Warcraft assholes run in and kill everybody. The only thing better is if it happened in real life.

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