Sunday, September 14, 2008

Live Chat Week 2

I'm going to start a new tradition:
Sunday Hangover Kitchen.
Today B's and G's.
buy some biscuits from the store(Go with pillsbury or homemade in the bakery) , next to the biscuits there should be some microwavable sausage gravy. While the biscuits are cooking, scramble some eggs. combine all three in a bowl.
Hangover busting power-5

I recently acquired a flat of Gatorade "Tiger." Look Tiger Woods you may be the best golfer in the world, have a loving wife and daughter, and have untold amounts of wealth. But your are without a doubt THE BEST GATORADE FLAVOR EVER CREATED!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god have you tried this stuff, no too strong, not too weak, same electrolytes. Tiger Woods you are my hero.

Good stuff yesterday, Hope all of our Texas readers stayed dry. Nothing too crazy, USC beat the spread/won. What the hell Auburn I thought Tony Frankln was supposed to bring his "System." Jay Paterno currently controls a more powerful offense. I'll let that sink in.

Random thoughts.
If Rush Limbaugh bought the Rams would Brian Leonard start for our new coach Joe Gibbs?
Why does Bill Belichick hate me and Laurence Maroney?
Why do people in Arizona care about football?
Do you ever think most NFL players are closet homosexuals?

The answers....I do not know. Which is why we must chat.

Once again I'll be on around 11am stop by and say hello, or "F Brady"...we have to "approve" comments so be patient.

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  1. Is anyone else getting a different language when they look at the chat box on the post? It almost looks like latin to me.