Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Captain Leach on Dating

I'm sure you've seen this recently. Leach is crazy and funny.

But we really need break down the genius that is Mike Leach.

1. Casual dining.

2. Force women to eat in front of you.

3. Go to a movie.

4. Go to a "cool" coffee shop.

5. Make fun of hippies.

6. Stalk each other on facebook.

I really don't like labeling football coaches as a genius primarily because they coach a sport where 11 guys beat the shit out of 11 other guys, but...

How does this not sound like a perfect date to you?

I mentioned earlier how much I love Mike Leach, and this video only confirms my feelings.

If TGORH has any female readers I would like you to dissect his gameplan. Keep in mind it's written on a piece of notebook paper with the words Mesh, Mesh, Smash, Mesh, and Go mixed intermittently.

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  1. I believe the GRH faithful need to take a vacation to the Stars and Stripes movie theater in Cody, Wyoming.