Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boston Sports Fans Say, "Don't Forget About Us! We're The Biggest Douches of All!"

So Ines Sainz came out and said that she thinks the Jets have the best chance to win the Super Bowl. Cue the obligatory Ines Sainz imagery:

Pretty innocuous though, right? "I truly believe they have the best chance to win the Super Bowl." That's what she said.

Of course, the Jets play the Pats next, so the fuckbags over at Barstool decided they'd barf this onto their site:

I have question. Does this bitch think we’re stupid? I mean one second she’s whining that the Jets are sexually harassing her and the next second she’s trying to get anal from Mark Sanchez. Give me a break. Obviously she’s trying to make Brady jealous so he’ll toss her a bone and hate fuck the shit out of her. Sorry honey he’s just not that into you. So do me a favor and stop acting like a two year old with these kindergadrden mind games. You’re not fooling anybody. Maybe if you’re patient one day he’ll impregnate your ass, but until then take that fine ass of yours and hit the road. The Jets are going to beat the Pats! Haha! Slut!

Yep. They actually said that. A couple of things I'd like to point out. First: misspelling "kindergarten" is just deliciously funny. Ms. Sainz speaks two different languages, while you have yet to master one. Another thing. She wasn't the one that accused anybody of anything. Other reporters in the room were. She squashed it, saving all of us the trouble of dealing with people like you and Keith Olbermann. Furthermore, as far as sexual harassment is being discussed, I'd like everyone to reread the entire quote again. ElPresidente, I pity you. Your mother failed at raising you and you will never have a meaningful relationship.

Oh, and the whole "Tom Brady's sex life" card. Wow. Just, wow. Your best insult is "the star of my favorite sports team has a great sex life that you won't be included in." If the wonderful and elegant Ms. Sainz WAS interested in a romantic evening on the town, she would choose New York over Boston, because she has taste and class.

So thanks, Boston fans. I had almost forgotten about you. Now please, do us all a favor and drink yourselves to death.

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