Monday, January 3, 2011

Double the Flavor Double the Fun

Steve Lattimer wins again!!!

Following his unprecedented 14-0 undefeated season it seems that the fantasy maestro has brought another title home to Lattimerland in the highly competitive and exclusive ESPN (Gamblingdogfightingsteroids) league.

GRH was granted an exclusive interview with the winning manager following his second consecutive title victory.

On the victory
Well you go out there and give 110% and you want to play good and you know you hope to play good and I think we played pretty good tonight.

There is no I in the word TEAM. I mean this is a team effort and I just wanna say that I'm proud to be associated with these fine individuals that I have the pleasure of working with.

You just gotta play one game at a time and give 110% and you just gotta show that you want it more than they do and let the chips fall where they may.

On the difficulty of repeating as champion following his undefeated season

I think a lot of teams (following a title) expect to come out and win every game. One thing I stressed to my players was the fact that everyone would be gunning for us and that we can't go out there with show up talent.

We expect to win, but we have to pay the price.

This league is extremely competitive and we have teams like "Titty Bar Cold Cock" who rarely check his lineup, yet still wins two games. You also have "The High Life" and "GoPlaxYourselfRonMexico" who can and will beat any team in the league on any given Sunday.

The turning point in the season
I think it's when we lost to "Team Smith"....The guy who doesn't show up to the draft (even though he says he will) and still puts together a competitive team. When you lose to a team like that you really have to look yourself in the mirror and ask if you really want it.

How do you handle the legacy of being the only undefeated team to ever play in the league?

Mercury Morris is one of my big undefeated team heroes so I typically try to be a big asshole about it.

On Aaron Rodgers taking over as leader of the team

Well filling in for an undefeated team and Peyton Manning is a tough task for anyone. I told Aaron to just play his game. I've normally been a coach that relies on the running game, but we decided to open it up this year with Aaron, DeSean, and Dwayne. (Bowe) I think as a coach you build around your players and not the other way around. I also think that our backups were outstanding. If you think back to the semifinals we had to beat "Davis is Gay" and Matt stepped in like the pro he is.

What was it like going against your arch rival "Choda Pinchers"?

It's a great experience, I mean we both started the league, and we were roomates together. We really grew up together in the fantasy world and we still talk fantasy on a regular basis. I mean I have all the respect in the world for choda pinchers they once stood up a formal date in order to make a baseball draft so it feels good to beat such a committed team.

People claiming an easy win because 3 of the choda pinchers players did not start?

no comment.

How will the league react if the NFL CBA goes under and the NFL is forced into a lockout year?

Again as commissioner of gamblingdogfightingsteroids I cannot comment on that particular issue at this time.

Ed. At this point in the interview we asked Lattimer about the controversial scoring system used in gamblingdogfightingsteriods. Lattimer left the room throwing chairs and screaming (sic) "You media fucks always try to make up some fucking story about stupid bullshit.

Upon reterning we asked Lattimer about his record in the GRH league to which he replied; "Fuck that league"

Do you consider your team a dynasty?

(laughs) gosh gee golly, I dunno. That's for ya'll to figure out. we just try to go out every year, draft the best players, and then if they suck, get better ones.

On how he'll spend the offseason?

Well typically I'll do nothing fantasy (football) related until ESPN sends me the email in August. Champions are made in August.

Any ideas on next year's team name?

Well I went undefeated with "The ErinAndrews Experience" and we won this year with "Cock n Crocks" so we'll probably stick with the sideline reporter/sexual predator theme. Looking at you Tafoya.

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