Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

This isn't a particularly interesting video, however the narrator/filmer makes it so so awesome.

The guy does a great job of filming all the action and telling us exactly how "fucking" stupid people are for trying to drive up this hill.

Yet, he never once helps ANYBODY in this situation, even though he knows exactly what to do. Which got me wondering. How would you react in a low level crisis?

I know that I love bailing out people in snow storms. "Oh you're stuck at the library, sure I'll ride over with my 4X4 and shovel of freedom...the complimentary hot chocolate is on me" However, the sheer stupidity and chaos of this situation is oh so intriguing.

So what do you do? Captain America? Steven SpeilberG? Or the crazy lady who stares out her window and calls the police in anything is remotely out of order?

Alternate option. Best thing to do during a snowpocolypse. My choice is driving. Anywhere. That or snow forts, snow forts rule.

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  1. If it requires more strength than most girls can muster, I'm there. But if it requires a lot of strength for a man, I'm usually going to say I've got some important work to tend to and apologize. Apologize profusely.