Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Hey what the...

What's going on here? Is this my first fun bag of the new year? Man. That's depressing. Actually, like Blake Griffin, you can see how many shits I actually give. Tell 'em, Blake.

That's what I'm talkin about.

Let's get it on. Beginning with Earl "Motherfucking" Boykins. It just looks bizarre to read it spelled out like that.

Everybody should vote for Rudy Gay for All-Star. Everybody. To make things easier, here's the link to vote.

This is fake, but that doesn't take away from how great it is.

While stealing a Skyjack seems like a great idea, in the end, it's a bit short-sighted.

Ochocinco and Piqué? Ochocinco and Piqué.

If you pride yourself in athletics, you want to play against the best competition possible. I can honestly say that I do not want to bat against this guy.

Theismann knows.

I don't mind Josh McRoberts wanting to be in the dunk contest (he has hops) and I certainly don't mind McRoberts and Brandon Rush parodying White Men Can't Jump. In related news, HAHAHAHAHAHA DUKE LOST TO FLORIDA STATE.

Rex Ryan as Han Solo is beautiful. We'll definitely be watching that game.

And finally, Sad Keanu belongs with Eric Spoelstra.

Well, that was awesome. Let's go everybody. Nothing more to be done. Time to party.


  1. Everytime Deion Sanders smiles, angels start gettin' busy. There's now an overpopulation of baby angelsin heaven. There's been a baby boom in heaven, due to angels being born at a tremendous rate recently, due to Primetime's laughter at this video.