Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

This may just be me....

But if I had a chance to play in the NFC championship I'd do my best to play regardless of how my knee hurts.

So the storm is the best wussie performances of all time.

Or if you want to be positive about things you can also talk about the toughest performances of all time. Like Jack Youngblood who played onagoddamnbrokenlegyoufuckingpussynowihavetowatchapackerssteelerssuperbowl.



  1. Every year, Hakeem Olajuwon fasted for Ramadan. He would wake up before the sun rose, eat seven dates, and not eat or drink anything else until the sun went down. Ramadan usually happens in February, the heart of the basketball season.

    To reiterate, he would not eat or drink anything all day, and play basketball games without drinking water. Every year. For a whole month.

  2. Youkilis during the 2010 had a season ending thump injury....his thumb...i think he took "sit on it and rotate" a bit too literal

  3. All of this stupid coverage on Cutler may or may not being too injured to play is for some reason making me like Cutler. That's devastating for me to say.

    So, the real problem here is that he looks like a douche because he's not all Timmy-Tebow HUZZAH! all the time? I know tons of professional athletes who act like nothing in the world matters outside of what happens during a play all of the time. They're called baseball players.

  4. Emmitt Smith played in a regular season game against the Giants in 1994 with a dislocated shoulder, he rushed for over 230 yards and his performance helped lock up a first round bye for the Cowboys.