Thursday, March 4, 2010

OMG! Lazy Thursdays!

So we're not that great at Thursdays. We just aren't. Not that we don't have stuff to say or anything, it's just that none of it ever finds it's way here on Thursdays.

At least we've got some wacky hoops videos to watch.

First, we have Memphis' own Joe Jackson (in the green, playing for White Station) dunking on fellow University of Memphis commit Tariq Black. I sure hope these guys are roommates next year.

Here's something crazy from Europe. I do believe that Tony Skinn kicks a guy in the gut, dunks on him, then grabs his nuts. He crammed more flavor into that one move than I did in my entire career.

And finally, if Brittany Griner's dunking ability didn't convince you that she was a dude, here she is hulking out on a fat white girl.

Yeah, we're going to need the bitchslap picture for that one.


I'm not sure why, But EVERYONE'S reaction is pretty hilarious. And Ryan Shawcross, you should feel bad about breaking a leg and all, but get a grip. Dudes that break legs don't go crying like a bitch about it... fag.

So yeah. Awesome and everything. The writers need to write more.

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  1. In all honesty, Brittney Griner's reaction wasn't totally uncalled for. Swinging someone around in an armbar will get you punched at 9 out of 10 pick up games.