Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey What's Up?

Hey everybody, my name's Blaise Ffrench, and I play for the University of Texas at El Paso Miners. I hope that all of you are just as excited for the NCAA tournament as I am. We had a really great season. I'm especially proud of ending Memphis's amazing conference winning streak. Hopefully we can continue our success through the weekend, by upsetting Butler in the first round.

You guys are following along, right? I know for a fact that my good friend Steve Lattimer set up a bracket pool for fans of this blog. This is a pretty sweet blog, by the way. I read it whenever Internet access is up and running in El Paso.

Anyway, all you have to do to enter the bracket pool this year is sign in to Yahoo! Sports (with your easily-attained free Yahoo! ID), then enter the following for your Bracket Pick 'Em:

Group ID# = 68965
Password = grh

Ok guys, hope to see you all there. If not, then Ffuck You! I'm Blaise Ffrench! Go Miners!

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