Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

So yesterday I finally got a chance to watch the Magic/Bird documentary on HBO. As always HBO put out a good product,

Anyway it got me thinking. What are the best individual rivalries in sports?

That's all I got

Now onto some business. GRH will be having the second annual bracket challenge. If you were in it last year you should have gotten an email reminding you, but if your didn't or you're new here are the vitals.

ID# 68965
Password: grh

Alright that's it, I'll have more/better reminders later.


  1. Wilt and Bill Russell was it for a decade.

  2. Fuck man. Slow traffic day, I guess.

    In that case, I'll take Michael Jordan against the world. Everyone hated him, because he was the best.

    Two highlights:

    -Isiah Thomas told his Pistons to try and hurt him. Jordan responds by ensuring that Zeke is never to play in the Olympics.

    -Before a playoff series, the Knicks came out and said that Jordan wasn't good enough to beat them on his own. Jordan drops 60 in the Garden.