Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LeBron makes New Yorkers wet while destroying their dreams.


Look at Bron's face after the funk. He just thinks it's funny. I mean, it wasn't like there was any sort of defense on him. It wasn't in traffic. And the clutch? I mean, that's alright and all, but it's nothing like Vince Carter's fabled windmill-oop.

I'm just kidding. That oop was absurd.

On the whole LeBron-to-New York thing. Does anybody really believe that this is going to go through? LeBron is allowed to do anything he wants in Cleveland. Absolutely anything. He is deified on a nightly basis there, even when the NBA isn't in season. New York is the opposite of that. The constant media blitz turns even the most carefree of superstars into cynical assholes.

After burning down their roster for the insurance money time and again, it seems to be all for naught. Good luck with the draft, Knicks fans. It's probably your best bet at landing a superstar.

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