Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caption Contest!

Three more photos! They're crazy!

Barkley: "Hey, glad you could make it. Did you have any trouble finding the place? Good. Do you need anything to drink? Are you comfortable? Great. Ok. Here's the deal. I have several fragrances here. Your job is to figure out which one I squirted where."

Yao: "Eee! Eeeheeheehee! It's ticklier than when Luis Scola used to do that!"

Hannah Storm: "It's OK Hakeem, the camera is only going to focus on the shoulders up, the folks at home won't be able to see that I'm grinding on you. Mmm, that feels nice, doesn't it? I know that you like it, Hakeem. You know, Jerry's my cameraman both on and off the court, if you get my drift."
Olajuwan: *thinking* "Quick, make up an excuse about Ramadan to get out of this. Bitch is crayzeeeeeee!

Ok. Kind of got some weird ones here. So uh... have at it. Seriously, whatever pops into your heads. Just go nuts.


  1. 1.) "That Mr. Stetson is a racist, but boy he sure does smell good."

    2.) Yao Ming's Achilles Heel is apparently no heel at all, but a pink button in his armpit. Yao fell into six seperate pieces, torso and all, after said incident.

    3.) Tony Kornheiser's statements were not made without thorough ivnestigation.

  2. #1.) Got my hat. Let's go drive drunk.

  3. 1: Begins singing and dancing to Gnarles Barkely in a Christopher Walkin "weapon of choice" choreography

    2: Nooooo NO, There goes Tokyo, Go GGo YAO ZILLA

    3: "Hey, HEY! What every happened to LIPSTICK on the Collar, Lady? Grabs shirt and extends collar. I GOT A SHIT STREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SHIRT! How am I going to explain this to my wife when i get home? I ughh was playin ball with Dave and i was guarding him close and he dunked on me...annnd i guess his pants came down and doo doo on my shirt....wha? I dunno why i was playin ball in my dress shirt, it was midnight, what the fuck?"

  4. Picture 3--

    Storm: "Hakeem, Hannah Storm, NBC Sports. After you plowed me last night, you washed the jacket of this matching suit with your uniform, and now the suit is mismatched. Your thoughts on how to rectify this in the second half?"

  5. Picture 1--

    "Look, I'm keeping the sweatpants, and I'm keeping the hat. What matches with these? You're a fucking stylist, I'm paying you to know!"