Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Evening S--t Storm!!!

Sorry gang. Ole Lattimer has been in busy work hell with no fire extinguisher in sight.

Baseball is coming up and to be honest we don't talk about baseball enough here.

My idea is this. Icehouse has some really good OMG FUNK posts.

Personally I love them because you see some awesome funkage combined with Icehouse's unique commentary.

I would like to do the same thing with baseball highlighting the best and worst of moonshots.

Problem is, I need help on the name. I'm thinking "Tater Time" or something very simple like "Donk." I'm also still working on involving steroids or anadrol into the title.

So that's the first thing help me with a title. If it's good I'll use it, if it's not we'll make fun of you.

The usual around here.

Second. For the first "_______________" post I'd like to have a collection of the greatest bombs of all time.

I'll give you my homeristic version.
(No Deafmute and Zack, this is not a post asking for your favorite homeristic Home Run this is asking for the greatest Home Runs of ALL-TIME)

Now, in the grand scheme of things was this an important homer? Not really, the Cards lost the series but it did ruin one mans life. Brad Lidge. What makes this homer even sweeter is the fact that I was surrounded by Astros fan at the time with one other Cards guy. The whole time we had to hear about "When it gets to Lidge it's LIGHTS OUT. It's over. The two lone redbirds in that room calmly asked, well what do you think if El Hombre comes to the plate?



The best part is that Light's out Lidge was no more, sure he still has a job, but he is mentally destroyed for life.

So for the Shit Storm.
1. Name.
2. Favorite Donk of all time.
(Video would be good but it seems that this will be a hard post because MLB is a copyright bitch. For fucks sake youtube videos EXPAND YOUR SPORT)

Get going Hobbers.


  1. The Best Homer was probably when 9-yr old Zack Stovall hit a home run to tie the game in the Benton, Arkansas Little League championship at Bernard Holland Field for the Curtis Auto Glass Braves. Next kid it a double and scored on the next batter. FTW. BEST EVER.

  2. My vote is for Donk. This is why.

  3. Kirk Gibson, '85 World Series.

    He's hurt. He's old. Lassorda calls on him one last freaking time. He steps up to the plate. And hits a WORLD SERIES WINNING home run.

  4. Zack:

    How many errors on that play?

  5. Well Gibson's shot was only Game one. But still a fine blast.

  6. I forgot about the called shot.

    On a side note MLBTV needs to burn their office down. They have highlights But there is no way to embed them. This is why NBA on TNT is soooo far ahead of the game.

  7. World Series Game Winning* sorry.

  8. Game 4 2005 ALCS by David Ortiz bottom of the 12th. At the time, just seemed like delaying the inevitable. But, it ended up being probably the most important homer in red sox history.

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