Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

I want you to watch this video.

Yes that is Steve Young. And I need to get married in a month and ten days.

Now that video is F'd but more importantly Steve Young is creepy.

I've always had a strong level of distrust towards Steve Young. I was talking about it this weekend, but you know when you meet someone and they just send off a creeper trigger? That's what Steve Young does to me. I mean the guy manufactured a whole controversy about winning a Superbowl while the rest of America couldn't care less. Not to mention his douchiness on the MNF pre game show. Guy just rubs me the wrong way.

So for the shit storm I want to hear athletes that send off that creeper vibe. The ones that just make you nervous, the ones that would not surprise you if they had 12 dead hookers in their back trunk.



  1. Dirk. And I felt pretty justified and unsurprised when that whole thing went down with that crazy chick.

  2. Rex Grossman. Airborne venarial diseases. Hairgel. Lack of ability to do things worthwhile.