Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Caption Contest!

More wackiness! So much wackiness! Comment your asses off! Then go visit for more funny!

Walton: "Shaquille, I just wanted you to know that watching you play is like watching the ballet of planets in our solar system. You are massive in scope, but beautiful in form and function."
Shaq: [yawns] "Sorry what were you saying?"

Isiah: "I'm telling you Bill baby, it's easy money. All you gots to do is convince those chicks you coached in Detroit that you're doing them a service by providing security and peace of mind to them. You'll love the lifestyle, my man."
Laimbeer: "You're telling me pimping is the only way you'll tell me where you got that coat?"

Phelps: "What's up LeBron? We gonna party tonight?"
LeBron: "I'm going to party. We are not. Now go get me a Gatorade."

Ok. Magnificent. Yours in the comments. Get busy on them.


  1. 1.) GINGIVITIS!!!

    2.) "Yeah, man, we're just a couple of cool dudes picking up a couple of cool ladies...and I can't believe you slept with both of em, Isiah! Awesome!" /miss easy high five

    3.) "I'm better than you at something!" Phelps.

    "No, you're not." James.

  2. 1. Walton: hmmmmmm yeah, I'll give you my dentist's number, he knocks you out with Bolivian bang bang

    2. Bitchslap joke

    3. James: Don't talk to me ever again