Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fancy that! We get to keep playing!

Fit like min, hey? This Aberdonian is bonnie like it's hogmanay!

Many a bas blethered that we would not make it this far. FUCKLE to the neaps whose brackets we 'ave boosted. FUCKLE TO ALL THE NEAPS I SAY! The bams from Kansas dinna deserve to get to the sweet sixteen. They received naught from their moorish twins and young Xavier. Oh, and Sharron is a prat.

They put up a wee rammy, but twasn't mooch erefore we were quaffing with the quines back at the pub. Oh, how the bonnie quines let their petticoats fall at the sight of mine visage!

You better can your havering ere Fryday, when put a knuck in the gob of those Spartans fae Michigan State. Faur will you be? At your mum's painting your wee nails, you ladymen!


Raise your pints to the Northern Iowa Panthers!