Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We all just got moose knuckle'd

Well we all got mooseknuckle'd. I should have seen this coming. I never got a beej in the alley of Neils, I never drank five gallons of vodka, and I never drove cross-country with Carmello Anthony so I don't know why I would expect to win a fantasy football league.

Mooseknuckle fooled us all with his football intuition. He came in as the last seed and proceeded to defeat myself, Brian, and oh so vulnerable Deafmute.

It is a true story he can tell for ages.

So in the tradition of GRH, raise your glasses to Mooseknuckle because he shoved that moose knuckle in all of our asses.

In other news we have a new contributor to GRH. Shabbychicblonde is going to be around to provide a "for the ladies" perspective that goes beyond the connection between Seagal and the notebook. Essentially she is the anti-Lattimer in that she 1. Is blonde 2. Writes well 3. Does not think Carhartt's and sweatpants are "in." (Although I have a feeling we both have a certain appreciation for Lady Gaga) Check out her blog Shabbychicblonde.

Well that is what we like to call a combo post in Hobberland. Keep living the dream.

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