Thursday, January 28, 2010

GQ's Top 25 Most Stylish Men

GQ put together their list of the top 25 Most Stylish Men In the World 2010 and not surprisingly a few athletes made the list: David Beckham, Tom Brady and Christiano Ronaldo. While they put together some fine voting options they also put a few men on the list because they're cool and have a hip image but they don't exactly qualify as stylish (Johnny Depp anyone?) and I believe that Ronaldo falls into that category. Looking at his fashion choices brought to mind the age old question, is he gay or European? While David Beckham walks the fine line between Stylish European Man and Overly Metrosexual, Ronaldo crosses it. I understand that there are cultural differences here but no man should wear a speedo unless they're a competitive swimmer and using hair gel in that quantity should be outlawed. His fashion choices distract from his overall attractiveness while David Beckham merely compliments his good looks with his choices. However, the most stylish of them all is Tom Brady, he manages to look trendy and attractive without looking feminine. He seems like the kind of man who knows how to put himself together but doesn't spend a lot of time doing it, and that's the best kind of style you can have.


  1. I plowed Beckham's tattoo artist and Tom Brady's high school guidance counselor.

  2. We totally forgot about the hottest D3 athlete/male model: Justin Sampson.