Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

At least somebody had some fun this week. Well... maybe two people had fun. Both of these guys kick ass.

/adjusts bandages on wrists.
//rubs balm on ropeburns around neck

Ok. All better. Ready to get funky. Going to need a lot of booze in the system to keep myself from freezing this week.
/tries to kill self again for making joke about cold weather since EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD DID THAT THIS WEEK.

Fuck it. Let's just watch some videos and get nasty.

Dempsey better be a starting forward for the Yanks this summer. On the reals.

Mainly because this guy licks ass in big games. This was pretty hilarious, though.

While we're on the subject of the World Cup, Italy sucks.

Team Flight Club put up this epic compilation of the best non-NBA dunks. It's exactly what you think it is.

Bill Walton Bill Walton Bill Walton Bill Walton Bill Walton Bill Walton Bill Walton Bill Wa...

via FreeDarko

Ok. That's it from me. Remember to put on enough layers to keep your core warm, but not so many layers that you can't get naked within ten seconds. Eleven seconds is just too long.

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