Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caption Contest!

So this picture has been all over the internetz since the Wiz game began last night. So here it is again, for your viewing and captioning pleasure.

Gilbert Arenas could give two shits about DC handgun laws. The rest of the Wizards - Mike Miller and Fabricio Oberto included - think the whole thing is a big joke.

On that note, I really do, too. Some dudes were clowning in the locker room. Clearly, everything's cool now. People have been saying a lot of nonsense about this incident, largely because it fits in with "OMG! BLACK MILLIONAIRES WITH GUNS! SOCIETY IS CRUMBLING! THE NBA IS FULL OF THUGS!

So yeah. Caption Contest and shit.

(Image via SLAMonline, NBA OffSeason, Sports Pickle... which means it will be on Ball Don't Lie next week)


  1. "shoot off like a lazer, Nukka pume pume pume"

  2. "Say hello to my little friend!"

    Gilbert Arenas stars as Tony Montana in the NBA's off-broadway production of SCARFACE, making him the most envied athlete to have appeared on MTV cribs.

  3. How priceless would it have been to have a babelfish translation of everything that went through Oberto's head during the gun fight, to which I assume he brought a knife.