Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Do you like sports?

Do you like movies?

Do you like music?

If you do this shit storm is for you.

We're looking for some great songs on sports movie soundtracks.

Now I know Icehouse and Vitustinitus are going to bring some thunder and Im taking a wild stab at what Zack is going to put in, so I'm going to share this little gem from one of my favorite movies, Blue Chips.

The song is the blues classic "Baby Please Don't Go" originally recorded by Big Joe Williams. However, in Blue Chips the song is performed by Them. To set up the scene, coach Pete Bell is facing pressure from the media, boosters and the Administration. So he sets out to recruit the best class in college basketball. A player agent turn him onto Neon Bodeaux, played by Shaquille O'Neal. Starting at the 1:20 mark is the first time Nolte see's Neon.

Maybe not the best, but still a gem.

In other news, if you're into fashion, decor, or happened to find this site on your significant other's history you may want to check out our good buddy's blog at Even if you're like me and think fashion trend equates to sweats with or without elastic legs, and decor is a nice beer sign, there are some good links to articles that will help you get through the work week. The Ghost takes care of his own.

Alright music time, shit storm begin.


  1. Public Enemy did the whole soundtrack for He Got Game. The best one is the title track, where they sample Buffalo Springfield's "For what it's worth."

    "I'm trying to find where Christ is in all this crisis."

  2. "Sonho Dourado" by Daniel Lanois at the end of Friday Night Lights is totally awesome.

  3. Here is my obligatory "Welcome to the Jungle" during the Training camp scene in The Program.

  4. And let us not forget "My name is Willie" from Any Given Sunday.

  5. Damn, I was going to go with Willie Beaman's song.

    Guess I'm forced to slide down and say "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters when Billy Bob and Tweeder block the punt in Varsity Blues. That part was the shit.

  6. "New Noise" by Refused is played in Friday Night Lights when the team is running out into the Astrodome. It's pretty sweet.

  7. Fine. Just... fine. I've been beating around it, so I'll go ahead and say it. "The only moment we were alone" by Explosions in the Sky.

    It appears in the last drive of the last game. It builds and builds, and then the finale happens right when Billy Bob says, "I'm gonna cram it down his throat."


  8. Thunderstruck.

    Any applicable sports movie. Fuck and yes.

  9. mothefucking slapshot and motherfucking fleetwood mac.

    couldn't find a clip of the scene with it featured, but fuck:

  10. also, this has been featured in movies, such as the replacements, but i think that it is fucking hilarious that sports fans fucking go after it whenever this song is played:

    do some research you pedophile-supporters:

    i am sorry. i didn't have access to a computer until now and i have had beers to drink.

  11. Homer sings Gary Glitter in his head when he should have been objecting to Selma and Troy McLure's wedding.