Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

You know what we haven't talked about around these parts? College Basketball.

The one thing I do appreciate about NCAABB is how crazy the gyms get. Sure, In the NBA you get the jazzy PA noise, but it's just not the same. The other great thing about NCAA ball is the shit talking from the fans. DUI, beat your girlfriend, failed some classes, you can be sure that every conference opponent in the country will rip your shit for it. In fact I tell people that's the best thing about college. You can say everything you want to at sporting events. All that shit in your head that you WANT to say during high school is completely acceptable at NCAA sanctioned events, especially in a small gymnasium. Definitely the best thing about college....other than the alcohol....and co-ed's.....but mainly the alcohol.

So with that being said, the shit storm is to provide some examples of crazy college basketball fanhood. We know about the Cameron Crazies, we know about Maryland fans being ruthless, and we know that Kentucky and Indiana are getting payback for football season. What I want are the little gems around the country. I want that young, wide eyed sophomore in a tiny gym telling the opposing team's star player that he sucks more dick than Adam Lambert.

So to kick things off I give you this little gem.

Now I'll admit I didn't know a lot about NCA&T before this, but I am now officially a fan. Does that make me a bandwagon fan, perhaps, but I really want to see a game in the Dawg Pound. First of all I love split level gyms like this. Also note how the fans are literally right on top of the players. We also have ridicule of opposing players, step battles, and multiple security elements.

But what is the intro like? I'm glad you asked.

Shit storm begin.


  1. The best line I've heard was last year when we played Tennessee at home. Bruce Pearl's son, Steven, sits the bench and also has a gigantic nose. So, naturally, we heckled him all night.

    During a timeout when the crowd was quiet, a guy behind me said, "Hey Bruce, put Steven in, he's got a real nose for the game. That thing's huge."

    Steven and Bruce both looked at the student section.


    picture for reference.

  3. In an early season game between UNC and Presbyterian, a Presbyterian fan yelled "Hey, Deon, don't miss it!" to Deon Thompson during a free throw.

    Deon Thompson made said free throw.

    However, Roy Williams disliked the comment so much, that he had the fan forcibly removed from the Dean Dome.

    The taunt? Lame as Fuck.

    Roy Williams getting peeved about one contrarian voice in one of the loudest arenas in all of college sports? Lamer. And that's hard to do.