Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You know who's awesome?

This guy.

This dude is the shit. He hoops in college. For Siena, who has a habit of ruining my brackets every spring. He also has an apostrophe AND a hyphen in his first name. That's setting the bar pretty high.

His whole life has been a fucking struggle. He was one of seven children, and had to move across country to move in with one of his siblings after shit went bad. But he didn't let that shit get him down. He worked his way into community college, where he hooped for a year. The first part of his life story starts out like too many others, which all too often turn to crime, drugs, drug crime, or some other destructive force. Not my man here.

He's better than that.

After his first year in community college, he decided to serve for four years in the military, doing a tour while stationed in Iraq. That's right. As if he hadn't fought for enough in his life, now he's going to go fight YOUR battles also.

He got back from the suck, went back to community college, and finally moved up to Siena. In addition to hooping, he's also active in the improv/comedy group at Siena. Dude does more in one day for his school than most do in an entire career.

Just-in'love wants to be a state trooper to help out with the border patrol in New York. Canadians don't have a clue what's coming to them. Just-in'love makes me hate so many people in America. Fat, lazy, Wal-Mart fucks, self-entitled frat boy fucks, myself, people that bitch about the welfare while supporting the war but don't go fight their damn selves, and thousands of others.

Step aside, bitches. Just-in'love Smith is here to save the fucking day. Keep kicking ass, big guy.

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  1. Thanks for that. My self-loathing just jumped up a peg.