Friday, January 22, 2010

If the Super Bowl was Based on Hotness, Who Would Win?

Before I can answer that question, I have to decide which teams will be crowned the AFC and NFC Champions.

I realized what it really boils down to this weekend is old vs. young. I have heard arguments on both side of the debate when it comes to older and younger men: Some women love a man with experience, and some women love a man they can teach a few things to. Some love a man whose established himself, already has a reputation as “one of the best” who can “provide for you”, other women want to be there for the ride while you live up to your potential.  I personally like both options -it just depends on the person so first let’s look at Bush vs. Favre:

I’ll admit that I think Brett Favre is sexy. He’s experienced, tough, and always comes back for more. But the purple uniform  just doesn’t do it for him (in my opinion a man looks far gayest in purple)  and all of those years in the NFL are starting to show.

Reggie Bush is certainly lickable, his sexy smile and chiseled abs are more than a girl could ask for but he lets Kim Kardashian parade him around in photo shoots and isn’t enjoying his time as young star player by exploring his options, which means he’ll end up seeking out more ladies later.

Who wins this round-Favre.

Sanchez vs. Manning

Peyton Manning is by all accounts a good man, he’s also considered one of the greatest football players of all time and brings a great deal of experience to the table (4 NFL MVP’s?) but his face is a little flat, and frankly he seems pretty boring.

Mark Sanchez on the other hand is a sexy, young, exotic guy whose recognized more often as a model than an nfl player. He's a good combination of the East and West coast and he loves Broadway Musicals. What is there not to love?

The winner here: Sanchez (The man oozes sex appeal that makes you just want to jump into bed.)


  1. Reggie needs to drop that ho. On the reals.

  2. What, no Jim Kleinsasser hotness!?!?!

  3. I was totally hoping to be an idiot savant when it came to NFL predictions but no such luck. Am I the only person outraged by how dirty the saints played? I'm really happy for the city and the fans but come on....