Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stern: Fans To Vote For Outcome of Game 4 of Finals

NEW YORK — Despite being denied the optimal Finals match-up between the Lakers and the Cavaliers, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Wednesday to add another fan element to boost ratings fan involvement during the 2009 NBA Finals by letting fans vote the outcome of Game 4.

"Fans will be able to phone, text or email in their votes for who they want to win the fourth game in the series," said Stern. "The votes will be tallied, and whoever wins, will have Game 4 in the record books as a 'W.' It's a win-win for everybody!"

Stern said he selected Game 4 since it has more potential to extend a series.

"If the Lakers are savagely massacring Dwight Howard and his team, perhaps a sympathy vote could propel that blue team to making a run at it," said Stern. "It certainly makes things more interesting from a fan perspective."

Stern said that the regular sixty minute game would be replaced with a thirty minute exhibition from each team, similar to the All-Star game, complete with a dunking contest, trick shot competition, and mid-court dance off, followed by a thirty minute Slamball contest, with celebrity judges Kelli Clarkson and Jim Belushi.

Stern said he's confident the addition will add the appeal that the Kobe-LeBron match up would have proffered, had the Cavs won.

"You gotta wonder where those Ohio votes are going to go," said Stern. "I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. James made a surprise appearance during the Slamball segment," Stern hinted sheepishly.

Fans who vote by texting with Verizon Wireless phones get a free text message from LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.


  1. "Watch the Closer with Kyra Sedgwick"

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  3. This smells like socialism.