Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Morning Sh*t Storm

Good morning bumblefucks. Summer is winding down, like it or not. The good part is, we've finally gotten to see some football, and they start playing for real. We had our private fantasy draft over the weekend, which Stovall missed due to a "kickball playoff game" whatever the fuck that means. I guess fantasy football was too mainstream for our budding hipster.

Just kidding. He was outside running around and we were inside at our computers. But considering he now has to deal with an auto-drafted team, we'll call it a push.

But yeah, back to summer winding down. Summer is generally a heightened travel time because of kids not being in school and warm weather making everything more fun. So, this shit storm is vacation-related.

Specifically, what sports-related vacation would you most like to take? Want to go to an awesome event? I know a couple of people who traveled to South Africa for the World Cup. That's pretty badass. But yeah, go nuts. Fly somewhere for the World Series or Super Bowl. You can also go somewhere to participate in your own sport. Go to China to train in martial arts. Go cliff diving in Acapulco. Go heli-skiing in Banff, Canada. Go to the moon to play golf like Alan Shepherd.

What is Icehouse's choice? It's pretty simple.

Yes, you've seen that video before in these pages.

Icehouse is eurotrash? Sounds pretty silly, huh? Pfft. I'm the boss on this boat, you can call me skipper. No soy marinero, soy capitan, bishes. I'm in charge and I order around the eurotrash. YES!

So what sports related vacation would you go on? Seriously, be creative. I want my mind blown.


  1. We lost in the second round of the playoffs, just a head's up.

    I want to go to the Red Bull Air Show, where contestants make their own flying machines. Then, they make them go through an obstacle course.

    Being all hopped up Red Bull, that's 94 straight hours of trembling, sweaty fun.

  2. I've been to a Red Bull Flugtag. It's pretty hilarious.

  3. Actually

    I'd want to spend a weekend in south bend.

  4. Steve, Just make sure you stop by "the backer" shit gets crazy there

  5. My family used to go to a game in South Bend every other year, an easy-win game that was a sure fire victory and was every year we attended: Notre Dame v. Navy.

    The games and atmosphere were a lot of fun.

  6. I've heard of the backer, sounds like a good time.

    Honestly, I want to go.

    I'd go out on a Thursday night, catch all the pep rallies. See the Irish guard, go to the grotto, do the whole nine yards.

    Then I would root against Notre Dame, because thats who I am and what I do.