Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

This is Sara Saco-Vertiz, who is now famous and semi-naked on the Internet for having a boyfriend who jumped out of the way when a foul ball came his way at an Astros game. Straight to the top, kids!

YES! It's time to blow this joint! I'm about to jump out of here and just start fucking shit up!

Just like this! WOO!

Boomshakala. And now, A sweet-ass rap song about Cincinnati's newest and best wide receiver.

Say what you want about Matthias, but I bet he's pretty fun to hang out with.

The Internet has not been kind to fat kids, that's for sure.

I posted this over on the Icehouse earlier this week, but it bears reposting in the fun bag.

When Serbia and Greece fight at the Acropolis, you can bet Nenad Krstic will throw a chair at your ass.

Ok. That's good for now, I think. Sweet sauce. Let's get funky.

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