Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey What's Up

Salutations blood brothers and sisters, My name is Ted Nugent and fellow outdoorsman Steven Lattimer has blessed me with the opportunity to promote the Ghost of Roy Hobbs Fantasy Football League.

As we sit and ponder our existence it is easy to see how the distractions of our created reality can deter us from our natural roots to return to the wild and compete in ancient internet combat known as fantasy football. However it is our duty as blood brothers to not only preserve this sport, but to promote it to the young fantasy footballers so that future generations of wild men can have backstraps for years to come.

As you can see here my good buddy Lattimer has set us up with a prime location on the yahoo ranch in the heart of fantasy football country. We've been scouting this location for weeks and as you can see it is an absolute beauty. If you notice here to my right we have seen an Adrien Peterson walk up to this water hole and several Peyton Mannings have lurked around ole Uncle Ted's thumping radius.

/guitar solo

Now, some of you may be new to this wonderful sport, but do not fret new initiates. I have been lurking the fantasy football sites of my native Michigan for years as i have tracked and stalked football players since my earliest memories.

My instructions for you is to first stake out a functional yet breathtaking site as you begin your hunt. I suggest yahoo.

As you search for your query make sure to get a sense of your surroundings, pay attention to your injured lists, offensive styles, depth charts, and most importantly. THE WIND

Once you have settled down in the fantasy section of yahoo and are prepared to harvest your beast type in the league ID number and password which is

As you type in those most important codes, notice the majestic draw of your left click button and the beautifully imperfect click of your arrow. Breath deeply as you sight your target and imagine yourself as the cursor to complete the task it is designed for , which is to puncture a best at an undetermined range.

Pay no attention to the draft status as it will be ever changing much like the wind. Instead think to yourself. "When do I want this draft to occur", only then will you know when the proper drafting time will occur.

And do not draft for the sake of drafting. Notice the power of your clicks, practice your clicks, become proficient at your clicks. You see drafting a playing shouldn't be performed by the uninitiated. Rather it should occur because your DNA, those tiny molecules that give us the beauty of human life, tell you to click. We draft because it's in our blood We draft because we seek a simpler time where we can simply be one with the wild. We draft because our fathers have drafted, and our children will one day cull the bounty of NFL players to ensure the future of our sport and lifestyle.

/shoots M-16
//mouth clicking