Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Here at GRH we like to give back to the community.

For example we...

Our new project this year is to bring our fansanity to college football programs in need.

Think about how many times do you watch a college football game and think, if only MTSU had some real fans they would be marginally respectable. That's where we come in.

Every once and a while we're going to adopt a football team to be our little buddy. We were going to pick one team for the entire year, but the only team we could think of was Marshall, and to be honest Marshall doesn't really need our help.

So what we need from you are some suggestions.

1. We;re looking for teams that are not only underdogs, but are also horrible on the athletic front in general.
2. We want teams with a slight chance of winning
3. Game(s) have to be televised
4. We will root for larger teams IF that team has a legitimate chance of destrying the BCS supercomputer
5. Naturally, there will be black lists

So that's it, not too structured but we'll give it a try.


  1. Fresno state always has shitty records, but they also tend to schedule every hard team they can.

  2. If it's an SEC team, it's Vanderbilt.

    But it won't be an SEC team.

  3. Fresno is really the only acceptable answer.

    You guys suck at this game. There has to be SOME redeemable trait to root for. Vandy and Ole Miss do not present any.

    Idaho is a good choice because their coach is hilarious.

  4. L-Y-N-X LYNX CATS (apply to #'s 1 and 2) ROLL ON

  5. Define "trait" better.

    How's about Oregon State? I like Jacquizz, or whatever his name is. He's so little!

  6. Fresno State:
    Pat Hill

    Rob Akey

    North Texas:
    Todd Dodge is a high school head coach

    Robert Griffin

    Runs crazy ass formations under Christiansen.

    Ideally, if we're devoting time to a team I'd like to have something to get excited about, so even when they lose it's still fun. Secondly, I didn't mention it but I assumed we'd be focusing on mid majors because there's nothing really fun or exciting rooting for mediocre BCS schools.

    Regardless I think we've made our decision and we'll reveal it later, unless anyone has a mindblowing idea.